Multipurpose Drills

Block to Block Drill

The coach will need to pair up players by ability, as this is a one-on-one drill. Offensive players are allowed two dribbles. Players should rotate offensive/defensive lines after each repetition.

  • Split the paired players up and form two lines at the lane extended points (offensive and defensive line) on the baseline under the basket.
  • A player in the offensive line rolls the ball diagonally and retrieves it near the free-throw line extended.
  • When the ball is rolled, the defensive player immediately runs from block-to-block and then runs diagonally toward the offensive player to play one-on-one.
  • The offensive player should pick-up the basketball with their back to the basket using a jump stop.
  • After picking up the basketball, the offensive player uses a reverse pivot and “squares up” to the basket.
  • The offensive player can shoot a jump-shot if they are open or make a move to the basket from a triple threat position.
  • If they cannot obtain a good shot, the ball should be passed to the coach in order to allow the offensive player to try to get open and repeat.
  • The drill ends when the offense scores or the defensive player obtains possession of the basketball.

Double Pass Drill

This drill combines footwork, dribbling, receiving, and passing skills. You will need to pair up players by ability. The players in each pair should stand 15-25 feet across from his or her partner. Use cones, chairs, or a line on the court to represent a midpoint between the players. Be sure to incorporate all three basic passes into this drill.

  • One of the players in each pair will begin with the basketball.
  • The players without a basketball run straight ahead to the midpoint spot to receive a chest pass from their partners while making good jump stop (“ball in air/feet in air”); players should receive the pass while on the move.
  • Players will use pivots and speed dribble back to the starting point and end with jump stops and pivots to face their partners.
  • As the players with the basketballs pivot, their partners sprint to the midpoint spot to receive a pass and the process is repeated.

Head to Head Drill

The purpose of this drill is to teach offensive players to move without the basketball and to set screens for teammates. Remind the defensive players to see the ball and their man at all times and to obtain a good “block-out” when the ball is shot. You will need to pair up players by ability. This drill can be performed from two-on-two up to four-on-four.

  • A coach has the basketball and serves as a passer for the offensive team.
  • Offensive players move with a purpose, trying to get open or free up a teammate.
  • When a coach makes a pass, the offensive player is allowed two dribbles.
  • If the offensive player cannot obtain a good shot, the ball should be passed back to the coach.
  • Teams rotate when the defense obtains possession of the basketball or after 30-45 seconds.

Do not allow any dribbles.